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The Interview Matrix - Unlocking More Sales

Published about 2 months ago • 3 min read

The Bottom Line

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Hey Reader,

Today, we're diving into an extraordinary method that's so elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful in scaling your premium services and high-ticket offers. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife in your arsenal for making more sales - the humble 'interview'.

But not just any interview. We're talking about an approach inspired by my friend Dean Jackson and his approach to his podcast 'More Cheese, Less Whiskers'.

Imagine your business as a self-milking cow, a notion that Dean Jackson himself champions. Your sole focus? Producing the milk, i.e., delivering value. The myriad of other tasks? Let them be handled by systems and processes designed around you. This is where the beauty of the 'interview' comes into play, serving as a tool for content creation, lead generation, client acquisition, and so much more.

First, Dean's approach revolves around his specific IP on how he helps businesses - what he calls the 9 'Profit Activators'.
Here is lesson number one - we should all have our version of “the 9 Profit Activators” - a foundation framework by which we help our clients. Think 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or 22 Laws Of Leadership. I personally like the number 9 but go with whatever works.

Once you have this, these become your north star, guiding every piece of content, every newsletter, every conversation, every ad, every offer. Suddenly, the daunting question of "What should I talk about?" vanishes. You talk about your framework, simple as that.

But here's where it gets juicy. Use the framework for your interviews with prospects.

So Dean has a podcast called “More Cheese, Less Whiskers”. But get this, rather than sitting in front of a mic having to come up with new content every week, he simply offers people the opportunity to get consulting by him for free (instead of charging his usual $15k a day pricing).
People “line up” to get his help. The only condition is that he records the interview and shares it as a podcast.
And what does he talk about? 1 of the 9 Profit Activators that they need the most help with.

This isn't just conjecture. It's a method that turns passive listeners into active participants, eager to engage with your services to improve their standings. And the beauty?

The results?
a) he gets great content
b) the prospect gets amazing help and a first-hand experience of what it’s like to work with Dean (many of whom go on to become a client of his). After all he helped them with only 1 of the activators… there are 8 more to go.
c) Listeners get a taste of Dean's expertise, and Dean showcases his value, generating leads and potential clients who've just experienced his prowess firsthand. (the more people who listen the more people also want to be on his show)
d) The podcast is transcribed and used for his weekly emails
e) I would even go further about using that content on all platforms.

This system feeds into itself. Content derived from these discussions fuels your newsletters, social media, and other platforms, creating a rich ecosystem of engagement around your brand.

Here is where I took things a little further.

I took my framework and turned it into an assessment.
It ranked each of the 9 elements on a scale of 1-10 colour coding results from red, to yellow, to green.

You can now use this assessment on a sales call to have your prospects self-evaluate on how they are doing in these areas. As they do this, a magical transformation occurs. They're not being sold to; they're selling themselves on the need for your help to turn those reds and yellows into greens. This is your opportunity to offer help.

Now, let's bring this home. Imagine applying this in your world. Each interview becomes a goldmine for content creation, showcasing real challenges and victories. Your audience doesn't just hear about your expertise; they see it in action, addressing real-world scenarios. And every so often, you throw in a case study interview with a satisfied client, adding that cherry on top.

But why stop there? These conversations can turn into workshops, webinars, or exclusive retreats, deep diving into these activators, making your business not just a service provider but a beacon of knowledge and transformation in your industry.

So, friend, as you ponder this, think about the unique activators in your business. What are the core elements that drive your value proposition? How can you use the simple yet powerful tool of the 'interview' to illuminate these, engaging your prospects and clients in a dance of discovery and transformation? Then can you use that for even more content value?

Until next time, remember, the key to more sales isn't in talking more about what you offer but in listening closely and guiding your clients to realize what they truly need. And sometimes, all it takes is a simple question to open the door to endless possibilities.

Keep shining, keep selling, and let's make those interviews count!


Nicholas “content leverage” Kusmich

P.S. Got a story to share about how a simple conversation transformed a prospect into a client? Hit reply and tell me all about it. I read every message, and who knows, your story might just be the highlight of our next issue!

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