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The Bottom Line

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Hey friend,

Ever feel like you're juggling too many balls, trying to keep them all in the air, only to realize you're actually juggling chainsaws? And, oh, they're on fire?

Welcome to the world of high-ticket business, where every conversation can be the difference between a spectacular win or a fiery miss. But fear not, I've got just the trick to keep you devilishly productive and not just a devil in distress.

Introducing the Magic 18 lead process!

Now, before you think this is some hocus pocus or the latest marketing fad, let me assure you, it's neither. This gem came straight from the wisdom vault of Phil Jones during our Art of Sales Intensive a couple of years back. And if you've read "Exactly What to Say," you know Phil's no wizard, but he sure knows some powerful spells.

What's This Sorcery?

Imagine you can only juggle 18 conversations at any given time. That's right, just 18. But here's where the magic happens: you split these into three enchanting groups of six. It's like having three mini-me's, each handling a set of conversations so you can focus on what you do best - dazzling and delivering value.

The idea here is that at any given time you have an active leads list of 18 people broken into 3 groups.

The Bottom Six: These folks are so close to the finish line they can taste it. They are “hot”. Maybe they've been lingering on the sidelines or gave you the "I'm interested” but haven't responded since. They have showed interest so here's where you gently nudge them, with a friendly check-in or even just those eyes emoji looking up at your last message. It's the digital equivalent of "I see you, and I'm here when you're ready." Keep those conversations going with a little nudge to push them over the finish line.

The Middle Six: Ah, the warm audience. They know you, you know them, but for some reason, you've not had "the talk." Or if you did, they were not fully ready to commit at that time. They are aware of your program but just need to have a conversation with you. Reach out, make it personal, and just ask if they're open to exploring possibilities. No pressure, just an open door.

The Top Six: These are your potential game-changers, the strategic partners, or as I like to call them, the unicorns. Building these relationships might take a bit more charm and a lot more coffee chats, but get this right, and it's like hitting the business jackpot. You should always be nurturing conversations with unicorns as one day they will end up changing the game for you.

The point here is that you should always be having these 18 open ongoing conversations with people to push leads forward.

Why It's Not Just Hocus Pocus

Every day, pick one person from your magical list of 18 to reach out to. It's not about casting a wide net; it's about casting the right spell on the right person at the right time. And if someone decides they're not ready to join your magical journey, no hard feelings. Drop them off your Magic 18 and replace them with another prospect, and keep the magic alive.

A Spellbinding Success Story

To give you a taste of this magic in action, let me share a little story. An application came through my Fast Track system and landed in my lap from someone well-versed in the mystical arts of funnels. They didn’t however schedule a call with my sales team.
Instead of letting my automation do the talking, I reached out personally with a text. And guess what? A conversation that started with "Are you just trying to funnel hack me?" turned into a $50K deal faster than you can say "Abracadabra."

Your Daily Dose of Magic

So, here's your mission, should you choose to accept it: make the Magic 18 part of your daily ritual. Just 15 minutes a day reaching out to one person on your list can turn your business into a veritable Hogwarts of high-ticket success.

Remember, in the high-ticket business arena, it's not about having the most conversations; it's about having the right ones. And with the Magic 18, you're not just a business owner; you're a master illusionist, turning prospects into clients with a flick of your wand (or, more accurately, a well-timed message).

Until next time, keep the magic alive and your conversations meaningful!

Yours in mystical business success,

Nicholas “Magic 18” Kusmich

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