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The Bottom Line - Maximizing Profits. Make More With Less

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The Bottom Line

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Hey friend,

Jay Abraham once said that there are three ways to increase revenue: get more clients, have your existing clients pay more, or get them to pay more often. It's a timeless truth, but let's focus on the latter two for now.

We often put too much emphasis on acquiring new clients while neglecting the goldmine within our current client base. Today, I want to share with you how to maximize profits by serving your existing clients better.

The Goldmine in our backyard.

Abraham's adage rings true today: there are three ways to increase revenue. These are: acquiring more clients, getting existing clients to pay more, and getting clients to pay more often.
Too often, we're like overzealous treasure hunters, scouring distant lands for new clients, while sitting on a goldmine – our existing client base! It's time to dig in right where we are.

Implementing Two Effective Models

*The Flywheel Model:

This model focuses on creating a continuous cycle of services for your clients. Instead of a traditional ascension model, think of it as a wheel that keeps spinning, offering ongoing value.

Imagine a hamster wheel, but instead of a fluffy rodent, it’s your business spinning with endless opportunities. This model is about creating a continuous cycle of value for your clients. They start with one service, achieve success, and voilà – they're onto the next, and the wheel keeps turning. It’s like a Netflix series; they can’t stop at just one episode!

Identity the various areas where your clients might need help… start with one and then offer the next and the next.

For example, maybe your program is in weight loss. So, you start with a nutrition program. But that could easily evolve into exercise, supplements, mindset, etc. Hence the flywheel.

*The Hero Plus Model:
Begin with a core 'Hero' program that addresses a major challenge your clients face. After they complete this program, offer them specialized 'accelerator' or 'solution' tracks. It’s like after the main show, you introduce the sequel. These tracks address new challenges or deepen their success, ensuring a continuous engagement with your services.

Let’s go back to the weight loss example.
Think about how after a client reaches their first main milestone, what is next to make things more advanced… This could be an advanced workout program or specialized nutrition that includes peptides. These are ‘accelerators’.

Or where do a lot of people get stuck? Maybe counting calories is difficult so you have a bolt-on program or app that makes this much easier. This is a ‘solution’ program.

The Art of Spinning Plates

Imagine your client's needs as spinning plates. Each plate represents a different aspect or challenge they face (diet, nutrition, exercise, motivation, meal planning, etc). Your role is to help them keep these plates spinning.

This approach not only offers a structured path to success but also creates ongoing engagement. It's about providing solutions for each aspect of their challenge, one plate at a time.

Pricing Strategies

The pricing model you choose – whether it’s a single payment for the entire program, separate fees for different stages, or a membership model – should align with your business strategy and client needs.

Maximizing Client Value

Here’s the kicker – it's not just about the cha-ching. It’s about increasing the value and, as a result, the frequency of transactions with trusted relationships. This approach not only maximizes profits but also builds deeper, more meaningful relationships with your clients.

The beauty of the Flywheel and Hero Plus models is their flexibility. As your business and client needs evolve, so can your offerings. This adaptability ensures you’re always providing relevant and valuable solutions to people who already know, like and trust you.

To sum up, maximizing profits in a high-ticket business isn't just about more clients; it's about more value. By understanding your clients' multiple needs (the spinning plates), and offering structured, continuous solutions (through the Flywheel or Hero Plus models), you create a sustainable, profitable business model.

Ready to transform your business revenue model? Think about how you can implement these strategies in your business today.

Warm regards,

Nicholas “Value Maximizer” Kusmich

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