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The Bottom Line - Imperfection: Your Shortcut to Success

Published about 2 months ago • 3 min read

The Bottom Line

Read time: 3.5 minutes.

Hey friend,

Are you anything like me and sometimes find yourself trapped in perfection paralysis? You know, that endless cycle of tweaking, adjusting, and fine-tuning your offer, ad, email, message, photo, or whatever until it's just right.

Well, today, we're going to discuss why it's time to break free and embrace the beautifully messy world of imperfect action.

The MVP Mantra: Launch Now, Perfect Later

Let's dive straight into the heart of it – the MVP, or Minimum Viable Product. This is a term often used in software but let’s borrow it for our example.
Rather than waiting until everything is just perfect before you take action, instead, it’s often better to take action first with what you have, and then optimize later.

It's not about cutting corners or sacrificing quality. It's about getting your genius, product, idea, ad, message, email ETC out into the world, pronto, so it can start doing its magic. Think of it as your first draft; it's out there, it's working, and it's ready to evolve based on real-world feedback, not just gut feelings or best guesses.

The Power of Imperfect Action

Here's the deal: taking massive, imperfect action is infinitely more valuable than waiting for the stars to align and everything to be perfect. Why? Because action leads to feedback, feedback leads to data, and data leads to informed decisions that can skyrocket your success. It's like navigating a ship; you can't steer it if it's not moving. So, get moving!

I can’t tell you the number of times I see coaching clients refrain from putting something out into the world because it’s not ‘just right’. Frankly, that’s nothing more than fear and a stall tactic.

Learning from the Trenches

Imagine launching your thing and getting real, live feedback from actual humans – not just hypotheticals in your head. Sure, it might sting when something doesn't work as planned, but each hiccup is a golden nugget of learning, a stepping stone to refining your offer and making it irresistible.

The 80/20 of Your Day: Focus on What Moves the Needle

Now, let's talk about your day-to-day. How much of your time is spent on activities that directly contribute to your bottom line? It's easy to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty, the emails, the admin – the fluff. But again, that’s just stalling. The real magic happens when you dedicate a chunk (a large chunk) of your day to revenue-generating actions. That's where growth lives.

Examples from the Wild

Let's sprinkle in some real-world examples to drive this home. Picture a tech startup, launching an app that's 70% there but functional. They get it into users' hands, gather feedback, and iterate rapidly. Before you know it, they've outpaced competitors clinging to the shadows of perfectionism.

Or consider a coach launching a new “funnel” (I hate that word but need to use it so you understand what I’m referring to). Instead of waiting for the perfect ad, the best headline, and a perfectly polished video, they start with what they have and just get it out there.

Data flows in, adjustments are made, and the process evolves into something far more powerful than the initial blueprint could ever have been.

Your Imperfect Action Plan

So, what's your “MVP”? What can you hold off on that you should launch this week, even if it makes you a bit uncomfortable? Identify one offer, one program, one product, one ad, and one process. Strip it down to its essence – what's the minimum you need to get this out to the market? Now, set a launch date. Yes, this week. No, I'm not kidding. Probably even TOMORROW!

Embrace the Mess

Remember, entrepreneurship is not a neat, linear journey. It's a wild, unpredictable adventure, and sometimes, you need to embrace the chaos. Trust in the process, lean into the discomfort and watch as your imperfect actions lead to perfectly astounding results.

Wrapping Up

To all my fellow perfectionist entrepreneurs, consider this your loving nudge (or gentle shove) towards embracing imperfection. Launch that thing, gather real-world data, and iterate your way to excellence. The world doesn't need your perfection; it needs your brilliance, in action, now.

To imperfect action and beyond,

Nicholas “perfectly imperfect” Kusmich

P.S. Remember, the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. So, let's make lots of 'em and grow faster than we ever thought possible!

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