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How to increase your enrollment rate to over 80% (and how to do the same for your show-up rate).

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The Bottom Line

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Good morning Reader,

Picture this: It's the ungodly hour of 3 AM. The world is asleep, but here you are, wide awake, your mind buzzing with ideas that just can't wait till morning. Sounds familiar? Well, it sure does to me. Just the other night, I found myself in this exact scenario, iPad in hand, scribbling down what I'm about to share with you today.

You see, having a high ticket business means a lot revolves around your enrollment rate, and that is dependent on your sales call show up rate. If people are not showing up to sales calls in droves and your salespeople are not closing them, you’re only weeks away from ‘closing up shop’.

So as I was contemplating how to increase both, this idea hit me…

So, let's dive into the heart of today's juicy topic: “Scoring” or grading Incoming Prospect Leads for Better Sales Calls and Conversion Rates.

You see, not all leads are created equal. Some are Mazdas; reliable, but not exactly exhilarating. Then there are the McLarens; these are the high-octane, dream leads that can turbo-charge your business. The key is knowing how to tell them apart before you even pick up the phone and what do with them depending on their score.

Imagine ONLY speaking with your best prospects…. Those who are most likely going to join your program while at the same time not ignoring your ‘lower quality’ leads, in case they decide to buy as well.

Lead Scoring: The What and The How

Lead scoring is like having a crystal ball that tells you which leads are ready to zoom down the sales highway with you and which ones are just tire-kickers. Imagine having a system that colour-codes your leads: green for "Go," yellow for "Slow down," and red for "Stop and reconsider."

Green Leads: These are your McLarens. They fit your ideal client profile so well, it's like they were made for your business. When you review their applications, everything checks out – it's a perfect match.

Yellow Leads: They're in the middle. Not quite McLarens, but not Mazdas either. Maybe with a bit of tuning (aka conversation), they could rev up to become your next big win.

Red Leads: These are the ones that make you scratch your head and wonder, "Why did we even start the engine?" They're not ready or just not the right fit for what you offer.

The Practical Playbook

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty – how do you actually score these leads in real life? Here's a step-by-step playbook based on a recent coaching call I had with my clients:

Review Applications: Start by reviewing the applications that come in. Use your intuition and experience to categorize them: green, yellow, or red.
Some software actually allows you to designate a point based on how people answer the question which can tally up to a scoring system.

Tailored Responses: Here's where the magic happens. Depending on the color code, you'll respond differently:

  • Red Leads: Send an "On the Fence" email. Be upfront about your concerns regarding their fit for your program. It's like saying, "I'm not sure this ride is for you, but if you're still interested, let's talk." You include some of the price ranges and requirements. Most will self-disqualify themselves and you never have to waste your time on a call. Others might respond that they are interested (and after knowing the price ranges and requirements) will often end up a sale.

  • Yellow Leads: These get a personalized touch. Send them a generic loom video or a document explaining your program in more detail, essentially saying, "Let's make sure we're both ready for this journey." Add a customized email after reviewing their application and website that outlines why it might be a good fit, and this combo works really well to have them excited to show up to the call ready to move forward.

  • Green Leads: Roll out the red carpet for these folks. A custom video, direct communication, and perhaps even an immediate call can turn these hot leads into clients faster than a McLaren on a straightaway. Deep dive into their application questions, review their website and their needs, show samples of other clients you have helped in their industry. All this really tee’s up the sales call perfectly and your enrolment rates skyrocket.

The Mazda vs. McLaren Framework

Remember, not every lead needs to be a McLaren for your business to succeed, but you do want to ensure that you're investing your time and energy where it's most likely to pay off.

On the Road to Success

Implementing a lead scoring system might sound daunting, but it's like learning to drive a stick shift – challenging at first, but oh, so rewarding once you get the hang of it. Start simple, refine your questions, and before you know it, you'll be cruising down Sales Success Boulevard with a convoy of McLarens.

Wrapping Up

As we park our discussion on lead scoring, remember this: every interaction is an opportunity to refine your approach. Keep tuning, keep testing, and keep tracking. Your sales calls will become more efficient, your conversion rates will soar, and those middle-of-the-night ideas? They'll turn into your next big breakthrough.

So, gear up! It's time to score your leads and accelerate your success. Who's ready to hit the gas?

Keep shining,

Nic “Green Light” Kusmich

P.S. Got a burning question or a middle-of-the-night epiphany to share? Hit reply – I'm all ears, day or night (well, maybe not at 3 AM, but I'll get back to you first thing!).

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