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Confidently Closing High-Ticket Sales

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Hey Reader,

Today, we’re diving into sales – specifically, how to confidently close high-ticket sales without feeling like you need a shower afterward. If you've ever felt like a clumsy dancer at a wedding when it comes to sales, this is for you. Let’s get into it.

First things first, let’s debunk a myth. Sales isn't about slick talk or making people feel uncomfortable. It's about confidence. I once heard someone say, "He or she who has the most confidence on a sales call wins." It’s not rocket science, but it’s pure gold. When you’re on a sales call, your confidence in your program and your ability to help the prospect needs to shine brighter than the prospect’s doubts. If you believe you can help them, they'll believe it too. Simple, right? But how do you build that unshakeable confidence?

Start by reflecting on your progress. As entrepreneurs, we often focus on the gap between where we are and where we want to be. We’re like, "I want $200,000 months, but I'm only at $25,000." It's like staring at a mountain and complaining about how high it is. Instead, turn around and look at how far you’ve climbed.

For example, Amanda realized she went from 2 calls a week to 11, and from closing one deal every few days to two a day. That’s progress! Celebrate these wins. If you can get your kid to eat broccoli, you can close a sale.

Remind yourself of the process you’ve made.

This brings us to the power of testimonials. Our brains are like Velcro for negativity and Teflon for positivity. We cling to the one complaint and forget the dozens of glowing reviews of all the people we have helped.

So, every morning, revisit your folder of testimonials.
Every day I watch the videos that pour in of people who went from zero calls to 9 a day and are closing new deals daily. I’m reminded of Laurie who used to do $300,000 months and now does $1.5M months.
Or Tina, who at 76 years old, with zero tech skills, launched a successful Fast Track Funnel, booked calls within the first 48 hours of running ads, and closed 2 deals?

Use these stories to remind yourself – and your prospects – of the impact you are making. Imagine walking into your office and seeing a wall plastered with success stories. You’d feel like a superhero, ready to conquer the world. That’s the kind of energy you need on a sales call.

My friend Stu McLaren, told me about how he keeps a “confidence board” behind his camera. It’s a visual reminder of clients who’ve overcome various objections and gone on to great success. When a prospect says something like, “I’m not tech-savvy,” he can confidently reply, “Let me tell you about Joanne…” because right there in front of him are all the main objections he faces and below and the names of stories of everyone who overcame those situations and are now great successes.

Real stories build real confidence. It's like having a cheat sheet of success stories to pull out whenever you need to counter an objection.

Remember, your prospect has most likely failed before.
When prospects come to you, they’ve often tried and failed before. Their confidence is shakier than a Jenga tower in a windstorm. They might mask it with objections like, “I need to think about it.” but your job is to either inspire confidence in them or let them borrow yours. Say, “I understand you’re lacking confidence because you’ve been let down before. Until you believe in yourself, borrow my confidence. I know this program can help you! Let me carry you through this program until you can stand on your own.” This approach can be a game-changer in gaining their trust.

Imagine you’re a coach for a moment. Your star player is on the bench, head down, convinced they can't make the winning shot. You, as the coach, know they have it in them. Sometimes, they just need to borrow your belief until they can find their own. That’s exactly what you’re doing for your prospects. You're saying, "Until you believe you can, believe that I can help you."

Set the tone early on the call.
Start your calls by saying, “I know you’re not a client yet, but can I treat you like one on this call? Can I be upfront, and honest and keep you accountable for the things you say you want?” Gaining this permission upfront allows you to push through their stalls and objections later in the conversation. When they stall, remind them, “You gave me permission to coach you and call you on your BS. I know you’ve tried before and failed, and that’s why I’m here to help you create a solid plan. Whether you move forward with me or not, I want you to leave this call with a clear path forward. But I won’t let you leave feeling just as helpless as when you got on here”

Using Deposits.
Deposits aren’t just financial commitments; they’re prospects saying yes to themselves. Whether refundable or non-refundable, a deposit signals their intention to follow through. Frame the deposit as an investment in themselves. “A deposit isn’t a yes to me, it’s a yes to you. It’s breaking the pattern of not following through. Let’s make a plan together, and if you’re not ready, the deposit is refundable.” Imagine telling your kid they can have dessert after they finish their homework. The deposit is that dessert – a sweet promise of progress.

Think about it this way: you’re not just asking for a deposit. You’re helping them take the first step toward a commitment to change. It’s like signing up for the gym. The hardest part is walking through the door. Once they’ve made that initial commitment, they’re more likely to follow through.

Oftentimes the transformation is at the point of transaction.

On my favorite strategies to get a quicker yes is “case study pricing”. Offer a lower price in exchange for a case study video once they get results.

Present it like this, “We have retail pricing and case study pricing. Retail is the standard price, but if you’re willing to give a testimonial after a big win, I can offer you a discount as this helps us in our marketing and rather than spending extra money on marketing, I’d rather pass that on to you.” This not only incentivizes them but also keeps your pipeline full of new leads.

Here’s a little secret: people love to feel like insiders. By offering them a “special” discount in exchange for their testimonial, you’re making them part of your success story. It’s a win-win. They get a discount, and you get social proof and potential new clients.

The power of an assessment.
A structured assessment can streamline your sales calls. Allow prospects to self asses where they are compared to where they need to be using a structured approach you put together.

This approach clarifies their needs and highlights how you can help. During the call, ask, “Out of these areas, where do you need the most help?” Let them identify their pain points, then show how your program addresses each one. This makes the conversation about them, not about selling.

Imagine you’re a doctor diagnosing a patient. You wouldn’t just prescribe medication without understanding their symptoms, right? Similarly, let your prospects diagnose their own needs. This not only makes them feel heard but also positions you as the expert who can offer the exact solution they need.

Remember, your role isn’t just to sell but to guide. You’re helping prospects make a decision that’s in their best interest, whether they join your program or not. Think of yourself as a Sherpa, guiding climbers up the mountain. Whether they reach the summit with you or find another route, your job is to ensure they don’t freeze halfway up.

So, next time you’re on a sales call, channel your inner Sherpa. Be the guide who knows the path, the obstacles, and the way to the top. Whether they decide to climb with you or take another path, your job is to ensure they leave the call with clarity and confidence.

Happy selling, and may your confidence shine through every call!

Until next time,

Nicholas “the confident closer” Kusmich

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