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The Bottom Line - The Game of Constraints: Your Unlikely Hero in Disguise

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The Bottom Line

Read time: 3.5 minutes.

Hey friend,

Today, I'm here to spin you a yarn about an unlikely hero in the saga of business success: the “Game of Constraints”.

This ‘tool’, has helped me think outside the box and allowed me to expand the possibilities of my business that I originally didn’t think was possible.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Constraints? Heroes? Has Nicholas finally lost his marbles?" Maybe - but stick with me, and you might just find your next secret weapon hidden in the fine print of life's terms and conditions.

Let's take a stroll down hypothetical lane.

Imagine a world where YOUR proven, go-to strategies for growth and success are as extinct as the dodo.

So if you use ads to get clients, ads don’t exist anymore.
If you DM through IG to land new deals, that feature was taken away.
If you use speaking on stages for new client acquisition, no more grandstanding.

Sounds like a recipe for a business disaster movie, right? Wrong! This is where the plot thickens, and you, the protagonist, find innovative paths you never knew existed.

When you ‘play’ this game, you add these artificial constraints to get your mind thinking in new ways.

For example, what if you were only allowed to charge $100k for your services? How might that change what you do, how you do it, how you sell, who you sell to?

Consider one of my clients Amanda, who found herself in a pickle when the idea of never sending another DM was floated. The horror, the disbelief! (because that was the only way she got new clients).

But then, the lightbulb moment - reimagining client acquisition as a thrilling adventure rather than a chore.

She thought about other ways, maybe even (dare I say) better ways.
It also forced her to think about contingencies in case that channel ever went away.

And let's not forget about yours truly.

I played this game by limiting myself to a mere three hours of focused work a day. Sounds like a mini-vacation until you realize it's not about sipping margaritas but about laser-focused productivity. This constraint forced me to be better with my time slicing through tasks with the precision of a sushi chef rather than wasting away hours aimlessly scrolling through social.

The beauty of the Game of Constraints is that it's not just about making lemonade out of lemons; it's about opening a lemonade franchise when life decides to be generous with its citrus offerings. It's about asking, "What if I had to run my business using only carrier pigeons?" and then actually figuring out how to make those pigeons the most efficient messengers since the Pony Express.

So, how does one master this game? Start by looking at your business as if it's a game of Jenga. Identify each block as a process or strategy you currently use. Now, imagine pulling out the most crucial blocks without letting the tower topple. This exercise doesn't just test your architectural prowess; it reveals the robustness of your business foundation and your ability to dance on the tightrope of innovation.

As we navigate this game, let's not forget to infuse our journey with humor. After all, if we can't laugh at the absurdity of sending smoke signals to schedule our next board meeting, what can we laugh at?

This week, I dare you to experiment with embracing new constraints, no matter how bizarre or daunting they may seem. You might just find that these limitations are the plot twists needed to turn your business story from a predictable sitcom into an edge-of-your-seat blockbuster.

Here's to finding humor in the hurdles and turning constraints into your crowning achievements. It doesn't mean you have to use them all. But at least you start thinking outside the box.

May your business flourish, and may you always find a reason to smile, even when the Wi-Fi goes down. (Imagine how you would run your business without wifi ;) )

Until our next adventure, keep playing, keep laughing, and keep winning.

All the best,

Nicholas “constrained” Kusmich

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