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Tales from the Cold Plunge: A Frosty Dive into the Power of Now

Published about 2 months ago • 2 min read

The Bottom Line

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Hey Reader,

Ever found yourself shivering not from the cold but from the anticipation of what's next? I recently did, submerged in the icy embrace of my daily cold plunge, my eyes, as usual, glued to the ticking timer counting down from 4 mins, eagerly awaiting my escape. Ah, the things we do for health, right?

But here's where the plot thickens. As the seconds ticked away, a revelation bubbled to the surface, not unlike the shivers coursing through my veins. You've heard the age-old adage, "Live in the moment," right? Sounds like something out of an Eckhart Tolle book or a bumper sticker you'd see in a parking lot at a yoga retreat. But as I sat there, contemplating my frosty predicament, the concept took on a whole new meaning.

Let's rewind to a tale from antiquity, where a divine voice advises a guy named Moses, "When you reach the mountaintop, be there." Seems obvious, doesn't it? Where else would you be when you’re at the top of the mountain?

Yet, how often are we THERE when planning to scale our personal mountains? When we’re at the bottom amount to start, our attention is at the top - our destination.
Then when we get to the top, only to fixate on the descent or the next peak to conquer? Our minds are either in the future, strategizing our next move, or in the past, replaying our steps (good or bad). But rarely are we truly present.

In the icy grip of the cold plunge, my instinct was to be anywhere but in that frigid water. My mind raced ahead to the warmth awaiting me, never fully embracing the moment. This, I realized, is a pattern that permeates our lives. Whether facing challenges or savoring victories, we seldom anchor ourselves in the now.

Consider this: when in distress, our gaze shifts forward, seeking an escape. When reflecting on past hardships, we risk being ensnared by those memories, allowing them to color our present. Conversely, when we dream of future joys or reminisce about golden days gone by, we're merely visitors in the present, never fully dwelling in it.

During my chilly meditations, an epiphany struck. Even as I watched my son score a goal at his last soccer game, I reached for my phone to capture the moment, inadvertently distancing myself from the raw joy of the experience. I was there, but not truly present.

So, I embarked on a quest to anchor myself in the now, especially during my cold plunge rituals. Instead of counting down the seconds, I focused on the sensations enveloping me, the thoughts flitting through my mind, the sheer vitality of the present moment. And what a revelation it has been! By embracing the now, I've found myself more engaged, more connected, more alive.

This newfound presence has seeped into all facets of my life. With my family, I'm no longer a bystander behind a screen. In business, I'm fully attuned to the task at hand, not the emails awaiting me or the deals of yesterday. Each moment, no matter how mundane or monumental, is an opportunity to truly live.

So, dear friends, as we navigate the cold plunges of our lives, may we strive to be fully immersed, not just in water, but in the present moment. The past is a memory, the future a dream, but the now is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

Until our next adventure,

Nicholas “now” Kusmich

P.S. Stay tuned for more musings from the depths of the cold plunge. Who knew such clarity awaited in the clutches of the cold?

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