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The Art Of Inevitable Goal Achieving

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Hey Reader,

Today, we're diving into something that's always been a bit of a hot potato for me—goal setting. Now, before you start imagining vision boards and chanting affirmations in the mirror, hold on. I’ve got a bit of a twist on this whole goal-setting shebang.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Goal Setting

Let's rewind a bit. Many moons ago, I plunged into the personal development world, you know, with the big hitters like "Think and Grow Rich." Remember that bit about writing down your goals and reciting them like a magic spell? Yeah, I did all that. Vision boards, affirmations, the works. But here’s the kicker: instead of feeling inspired, I just felt this massive, gaping chasm between where I was and where I wanted to be.

The Problem with Goals

Whenever I set a goal, it didn't fire me up. It did the opposite—it reminded me of the gap. I'd look at my vision board and think, "Well, I'm not there yet." And every day, it was a fresh reminder of my perceived failures. Sound familiar to anyone? The constant reminder of what I hadn't achieved was like carrying a backpack full of rocks—heavy and discouraging.

Shift in Perspective: Focus on the Now

So, I had this epiphany: what if I just focused on the now? Not in a woo-woo Eckhart Tolle kind of way, but practically. What if I made the most of my current situation and seized opportunities as they came? I trusted if I took aligned action NOW it would get me closer towards some of my desired outcomes. Guess what? Everything in my life started falling into place. My business, my personal life, my surroundings—none of it was on my radar five or ten years ago. But here I am, living in a town I didn’t know existed, married to an amazing woman, with wonderful kids and a thriving business. None of which was pre-imaged… at least not how it turned out.

The Art of Inevitable Achievement

Here’s the nugget of wisdom: instead of goal setting, think of inevitable achievement. It’s about reverse engineering your dreams into daily habits. Let's break it down.

  1. Set Daily Habits: Forget the big, hairy, audacious goals for a moment. Focus on what you can do today. Want to lose weight? Instead of fixating on the end goal, develop daily habits like eating healthier and exercising regularly. Over time, these small steps lead to significant results. Remember a goal is nothing more than daily habits/actions that inevitably lead to that outcome.
  2. Reverse Engineer Your Goals: Let's talk business. Say you want a million-dollar month. Break it down. If your product is $10,000, you need to sell 100 units. With a 25% closing ratio, that’s 400 calls a month. Divide that by four weeks, and you need 100 calls a week. Now you have your OKR - Objectives and Key Results. It’s more easier to handle and execute on. And if can’t handle that alone? Build a sales team. See, it’s all about creating a roadmap with manageable steps that can be done daily which leads to the results we’re looking for.
  3. Avoid Attachment to Outcomes: Don’t tie your happiness/fulfillment to these achievements. A beach vacation won't turn your life around if you're already miserable. You'll just be miserable with a better view. Your happiness should be independent of your goals. This is key as a long of people set goals under the impression that the achievement of the goal will change how they feel about life and themselves. Goals should be independent of how they will make you feel.

A Real-Life Example

Let me give you a personal example. Recently, I got into trap shooting. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit random. I showed up at the gun range with my tactical shotgun, only to find out it was not exactly the right tool for the job. But here's the fun part: now, these 70-90-year-old enthusiasts are texting me recommendations for new guns. Trap shooting guns, by the way, are crazy expensive. The entry-level ones are around $4,500, and the high-end ones can be up to $30,000. And you know what? I could buy one tomorrow, but I won’t. Instead, I’m tying it to a personal achievement. Here is what I mean…

The Reward System

This brings me to an interesting concept I learned from my friend, Dan Martell. Dan recently bought a $650,000 Ferrari, but he didn't drive it right away. He tied it to a goal—reaching a specific weight and body fat percentage. So despite having owned the car, he was not allowed to drive it until he achieved one of his goals that were connected to it. It’s about rewarding yourself for hitting milestones. This approach keeps you motivated and anchored to your goals. It also creates a wonderful reward loop that helps you further achieve your goals.

Applying This Framework

So, how do we apply this?

  1. Dream Big, But Break It Down: Identify something you’ve always wanted. Not necessarily something monumental, but something that excites you. Maybe it’s a trip, a new gadget, or a special experience.
  2. Reverse Engineer the Steps: Figure out what you need to do daily to get there. If it's a financial goal, work out your numbers. If it's a personal goal, outline the steps needed to achieve it.
  3. Tie Achievements to Rewards: Set a milestone and attach a reward to it. This creates a motivating cycle where achieving one thing propels you towards the next.

The Fun Factor

Remember, it’s okay to have a little fun along the way. Entrepreneurship isn’t just about the hustle; it’s about enjoying the journey. We didn't get into this to work ourselves to the bone. We did it for the lifestyle and the impact we want to make. So, breathe a little, enjoy the ride, and reward yourself for the wins, big and small.

Final Thoughts

Let’s ditch the traditional goal-setting stress and embrace inevitable achievement through daily habits and rewarding milestones. Dream big, but break it down. Stay focused on the now, and enjoy the journey. And hey, if you’ve got any trap shooting tips or recommendations for a great gun, let me know. I’m on a mission to show those old-timers what this "young blood" can do!

Until next time, keep achieving, keep smiling, and remember to reward yourself along the way.

Nicholas “trap shooting” Kusmich

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